About Sascha Mornell

Sascha MornellAs co-founder and chief executive officer of ZigAir, Sascha Mornell has developed the company from the ground up, from the initial idea to its alpha launch. Founded in early 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, ZigAir offers travelers the opportunity to pool funds toward chartering private flights. Through the company’s flight-sharing platform, Sascha Mornell and his co-founder, Raf Collado, aim to provide ordinary travelers with an affordable luxury experience.

Mr. Mornell brings to ZigAir more than two decades of managerial and entrepreneurial experience. He launched his career in 1991 as the marketing manager for Dreyer’s Japan. After three years with the company, he enrolled at Harvard Business School to obtain his master of business administration. He went on to join the National Basketball Association as part of a new international management training program, subsequent to which he became the vice president of sales and marketing at Register.com. Soon after leaving Register, he helped to found Phacil, a Virginia-based government contractor, where he continues to serve as chairman.

In addition to his work with ZigAir and Phacil, Sascha Mornell is the co-founder and current chief executive officer of GetMyBoat, which facilitates boat rentals throughout the world.


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